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HICD PLUS Held Closeout Event
Friday, 31 July 2015 14:34    PDF Print E-mail

HICD PLUS has conducted.Selected speakers from partner institutions such as Georgian Microfinance Association, Georgian State Electrosystem, Georgian Association of Regional Broadcasters and the Ministry of Culture communicated results of the various, complex capacity building programs USAID Georgia Mission Director Mr. Stephen Haykin welcomed the audience and shared a few thoughts on the program.  to celebrate and acknowledge results achieved over the course of the project’s four years.

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Strengthening Financial Management of the National Center for Disease Control
Tuesday, 07 April 2015 13:41    PDF Print E-mail

National Center for Disease Control is the leading player in the protection and improvement of the health of Georgia’s population through scientific, evidence-based prevention of diseases and preparation for and response to threats to public health.  NCDC manages a large network of laboratories, including: the R. Lugar Center for Public Health Research, three Zonal Diagnostic Laboratories, and seven Laboratory Sentinel Stations spread throughout Georgia.

In November 2014, HICD PLUS began to work to improve and update NCDC’s financial system. The consultants did the functional analysis of the NCDC’s Finance and Economic Department and developed a set of recommendations for an upgraded system.

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HICD PLUS helped the Ministry of Finance to launch its First Ever E-library
Wednesday, 25 March 2015 12:44    PDF Print E-mail

The Academy of the Ministry of Finance is one of the most prominent learning hubs for Georgian civil service. The training center with a turnover of up to 2000 trainees per year delivers a wide spectrum of trainings including in finance, budgeting, accounting, audit, tax, marketing, and project management.

As part of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia (MOF), the main priority of the Academy is to ensure the professional development of MOF employees and support the MOF’s ongoing reform efforts. In addition, the Academy actively cooperates with other Government agencies and supports their development centers.

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